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 Chiyoga is a fusion of traditional Hatha Yoga and Wuji Qigong designed to unify the mind, body, and breath. In our classes we will explore postures, movement, and breath in a way that cultivates energy, strength, focus, and awareness on both a physical and mental  platform.  60 min. practice

Hatha Yoga




In this practice, we will flow through a series of long, slow, sustained postures (asanas) and control of the breath. This will allow students to explore and meet their physical and mental edges in focus, strength, balance, flexibility, and breathing.  60 min. practice

Soma Yoga


Soma Yoga


Soma Yoga is a gentle and conscious form of stretching which integrates somatic exercises, hatha yoga and MacKenzie alignment techniques. Extremely beneficial in rehabilitation of injuries due to traumatic stress, developing body awareness, posture, and the ability to feel and control muscle groups that could not be controlled previously. This is an excellent class for both advanced students or students with little to no experience in therapeutic movement. 60 min. practice   


Beginners Meditation

Soma Yoga


A true meditation in movement, very similar to Tai Chi, that was developed in China and regularly seen practiced in parks in China and throughout the world. This gentle flowing standing practice focuses on the cultivation and movement of the energy life force that resides in and around our bodies. This energy is known as Qi (pronounced chee) or in yoga language it is known as prana. This practice cultivates and directs Qi along key meridian pathways and acupuncture points of the body using the breath, visual direction, and flowing movement. Highly recommended for those who experience difficulty getting up and down from the floor, excellent for beginners with little to no experience in body work or energy work, great for rehabilitating and increasing range of motion in the shoulders, and very beneficial for the internal organs and immune system. 60 minute practice.

Beginners Meditation

Beginners Meditation

Beginners Meditation


The practice and importance of meditation in western culture has often been overlooked or even completely disregarded altogether, however, we are beginning to see this practice of meditation being validated in more recent studies and increased application of the practice in the west. It is quickly becoming a powerful and positive tool in  schools, workplaces, athletic training, and even prisons, as well as a very effective tool that each of us can use in our personal lives. In our meditation classes, we will use techniques of regulating breath, stillness, movement, use of mantras, and mental imagery to settle and focus mind. This brings clarity and direction to our thought process, our actions and reactions, connecting us to who we really are both on a physical and mental level.  In our meditation classes, we will explore some basic forms of meditation that can prove to be very beneficial in its application. 60 minute class.

Thai Yoga Massage

Beginners Meditation

Beginners Meditation


Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing modality and massage style that uses acupressure, assisted yoga poses, and Ayruvedic techniques to bring the body into a deep state of relaxation. 

60 minute and 90 minute sessions.

(appointments only)

Benefits of Practice

Empowering Your Life

In our western society, we are truly fortunate to have a public health care system that can give us access to the most up to date medical and mental health treatment at our convenience. However, so many have become increasingly dependent on these systems , disregarding our power and capabilities as individuals to practice the preventative measures and restorative processes in which our human bodies and minds are truly capable of.  This dependency causes the public health care system to become increasingly strained, resulting in less efficiency in these systems when we really need medical treatment the most! Through regular physical and mental practices, we can empower ourselves and each other, lessening the burden on the public healthcare system, actively taking individual health care into our own hands. 

Enhance Your Physical Wellness

The regular practice of Yoga, Qigong, and similar modalities is a great way to improve your endurance in other physical activities, increases flexibility and range of motion. It also helps strengthen the immune system through increased circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, as well as opening blocked or stagnant  meridian pathways, allowing free movement of energy throughout the body, increasing health and longevity.

Calm Your Mind

 Not only do these practices help improve your body, but also helps with mental practices such as mindfulness and meditation, which in turn can greatly help forms of personal suffering such as anxiety and depression. It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself and get clarity. Focusing on your breath during practice is key to staying in tune with your mind and body.   

About Me

Welcome !


Hi, I am Brent, and I am so excited to be part of your journey to health and wellness. I specialize in working with people who are interested in the benefits of exploring a mind-body practice that improves every aspect of life. If you are searching to feel a greater emotional balance, more of a sense of ease in your body, a deepening clarity of mind, and an empowering connection to your true purpose and wellbeing —I would love to invite you to my public classes or my one-on-one sessions, where we can work more in depth on your personal goals.

Perhaps like you, when I started my journey to health and wellness, my body hurt and my mind was overwhelmed with negativity and lack of direction. I was stiff and sore and never really had a personal healthcare routine to speak of. I felt like I was too young to feel this way. I wanted more energy, and to feel better when I got out of bed in the morning and throughout my daily life. So, listen —my classes do not require that you already be flexible, strong and focused, they’re not for perfectly shaped, young athletes who are part Buddha, part Cirque du Soleil acrobats! They’re for regular people who want to grow, heal and get closer to their best selves and even experience improvement in their connection with others. The practice of Yoga and Qigong was challenging for me when I started, but even that first time, the deep relaxation and peace of mind I felt afterward and the sense of accomplishment at having done something so good for myself was tremendous. The benefits only kept increasing: stress relief, feeling more at home in my body, and developing my mental ability to focus, making more conscious decisions and lifestyle choices. 

I invite you to take the all-important first step that begins a most valuable and meaningful path by viewing the information I have provided on this website.

 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the classes offered. Join me for a class as we journey towards health, happiness, and longevity!

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